Mannequin & Pond Skim

2019 Closing Events

Come one come all! Showdown and the Great Falls Ski Club invites you up to Showdown Montana on Saturday, April 6th for their annual Mannequin Jump!  Watch as several crazy, wacky and unique mannequins are launched off one gigantic jump to please you, the crowd. Will they land safely or will they crash and burn, come on up to find out! Mannequin entries are FREE and must be registered & on Showdowns deck by 3pm. There are prizes for different categories such as distance, biggest bad air, crowd pleaser, and more! Bring the family up and take part in their ongoing tradition at Showdown Montana!!!

Then on Sat. April 13th come back up for the Pond Skim. Are you brave enough to make it across the pond or will you simply watch as the contestants test their might to make it across? Event is free.

Call Showdown for any questions.


2018 Season Winners:

Best of Show – “Black Widow” by Alan Korslien

Biggest Bad Air – “Hare It Comes”

Best Engineering – “Fly Baby Fly” by Idaho and Dave

Best Yard Sale – “Showdown Railroad to Ruin” by the Showdown crew

Crowd Pleaser – “Bunny Sweep” by Great Falls Ski Patrol

Best Distance – “Priscilla the Paddler” by Chris Leatham